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Two Stage Reducing Pressure Regulators

2000 Series
Two Stage Low Pressure
Regulators(NPT 1/4”) 
  • 1/4” NPT type regulator
  • Suitable for the high pressure labs, industrial control
  • Inlet pressure is 210bar(3000psig)
  • outlet pressures are 2bar(30psig), 5bar(75psig), 10bar(145psig), 20bar(290psig)
  • Panel mounting nut available as option
  • Design proof pressure: 150% of maximum rated
  • Applicable for cylinder gas, bulk gas line, research labs, analytical specialty gas, high purity gas, mixing gases, and corrosive gases.  
2200 UHP Series
UHP Two Stage Pressure
Regulators(VCR 1/4”)
  • The 2200 series is a two-stage UHP (Ultra High Purity) pressure regulator
  • the body uses STS 316L or 316L VAR (double melt),
  • for semiconductor manufacturing gas facilities, high pressure gas lines, bulk gas lines, pharmaceuticals, research institutes and laboratories.
  • Designed to be E.P. (Electropolishing) treatment makes it more suitable for corrosive gas environment.
  • The maximum pressure is 250 bar (3600 psig),
  • outlet pressure is available from 0.3 bar (5 psig) to 10 bar (150 psig) depending on the model.

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