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Pressure Switches

Energize or de-energize electrical circuits as a function of whether the process pressure is normal or abnormal.
PSW-850 Series
General Purpose Controls with Choice of Dual or Triple Switches
  • Two or Three-Switch Outputs — can Be Separated up to 100% of Range
  • Adjustable Pressure Ranges: inWC (inH2O) Ranges: -300 to 250 inH2O
    Pressure Ranges: 30 inHg Vac to 3000 psi (-1 to 206 bar)
PSW845 Series
Differential Pressure Switch
  • Rugged Differential Switch with Excellent Bypass Characteristics
  • 0.25A SPDT Switch
  • Ranges to 250 PSID
  • Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Buna and Loctite #271 Wetted Parts
Economical Industrial Pressure Switches for Vacuum to 7500 psi
  • UL and CSA Marked
  • Easy Adjustment with Locking Set Screw
  • Rugged Industrial Design
  • Standard 1 /2 " Female Conduit Fitting for Electrical Termination
Heavy Duty Industrial Switches, Single or Dual Setpoint, Internal or External Adjustment
  • UL Listed
  • Division 1 Rating
  • Dual Set Points, Tamper Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Enclosure
  • Rated NEMA-4X, -7, -9, IP66
  • Terminal Block Wiring
  • High Temperature Operation to 200°C (392°F) Process Temperature
PSW-690 Series
High Purity Pressure/Vacuum Switches with All Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
  •  All Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
  • Sensing Element Capsule, Electron Beam Welded
  • Helium Leak Tested 4 x 10-9 STD CC/sec
  • Available with 1/4 VCR Male or 1/8-27 NPT Male Fittings
PSW-681 Series
Low Pressure/Vacuum Switches
  • Compound Range Covers Vacuum and Pressure in One Unit
  • Low Inch of Water Ranges
  • Silver Switch Contacts Rated for 5 Amps @ 250 Vac
  • 1 Amp, Gold-Plated Contacts for TTL or Dry Contacts
PSW-621 Series
Economical Pressure and Vacuum Switches
  • External Pressure Scale and Pointer for Easy Setpoint Adjustment
  • Silver Switch Contacts Rated for 5 Amps @ 250 Vac or 3 Amps @ 28 Vdc
  • 1 Amp Gold-Plated Contacts for TTL or Dry Contacts
Solid State Switches for High Cycle Applications
  • Watertight, Corrosion-Resistant Case
  • Thin Film Sensor for Long Stabile Life – Minimum 1 Million Cycles at Rated Load
  • Reliable in Industrial Environments
  • Field Adjustable
Economical OEM Pressure Switches, Vacuum to 500 psi
  • Sensor: Aluminum diaphragm
  • Enclosure: Switch actuator and bracket steel: irridite finish; adjusting cap and body: zinc alloy chromate finish
  • Pressure Port: ¼ NPT male
Miniature Pressure and Vacuum Switches
  • External Pressure Scale and Pointer for Easy Setpoint Adjustments
  • 5 Amp Model Switches With High Proof Pressures
  • 1 Amp Gold-Plated Switches for TTL and Dry Contact Closures
  • Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel, Sealing Compound and or O-ring
Heavy Duty "Division 1" Industrial Pressure Switches
  • Dual Chamber Design Isolates Electronics from Pressure Media
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum with Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy Coating
  • Meets NEMA-7 and -9 Classifications
  • Gasketed Covers
  • Tamper/Vibration Resistant Setpoint Adjustment
  • Surface and Mounting Bracket Standard
Stainless Steel Pressure Switches for Harsh Environments, Dual 15 A SPDT Switches
  • All-Stainless NEMA-4X Case Resists Industrial Corrosion
  • Designed for Tough Industrial Applications with Long Life UL and CSA Rated Switches
  • Ranges from 5 inH2O to 3000 psi
  • Easy to Adjust with Internal Reference Scale
  • PTFE or Stainless Steel Diaphragms
NEMA-4X Differential Pressure Switches
  • Setpoint Repeatability of ±1%
  • Rugged Epoxy-Coated NEMA-4X Watertight Enclosure
  • Dependable Switch Actuation Between the Two Input Pressures
  • High Static Pressure
  • Single Setpoint with Adjsutable Deadband or Dual Setpoint with Fixed Deadband
NEMA-4X Watertight Pressure Switch for Harsh or Corrosive Environments
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified
  • Low Pressure Ranges 30 inHg Vac to 150 inH2O
  • High Pressure Ranges 15 to 3000 psi
  • Buna-N or 316SS Diaphragm
  • 10 A SPDT Switch
  • Tamper/Vibration Resistant Setpoint Adjustment 20 to 100% of Range
  • Fixed or Adjustable Deadband
Industrial Pressure Switches for Harsh Environments
  • Rugged One-Piece Epoxy-Coated Aluminum Body
  • Meets NEMA-4X Classifications
  • UL Listed, cUL Certified
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate
  • Internal Reference Scale with Adjustment Lock
  • Hermetically Sealed SPDT or DPDT Switch
  • UL Listed, cUL Certified Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D Class II , Division 2, Group G Class III
Economical Brass Pressure Switches
  • Available Buna-N or FKM Diaphragm and O-ring
  • Contacts Rated for 5 Amps at 250 Vac or 30 Vdc
  • Pigtail Lead with Conduit Connection
  • High Operating Pressure
Economical Differential Pressure Switches/Alarms
  • 5 Amp Relay or Built In Audible Alarm Available
  • Up to 150 PSI Operating Pressure
  • NEMA-4 Rated Housing
General Purpose Differential Pressure Switches
  • UL Listed
  • 15 Amp SPDT
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Vibration-Resistant Setpoints
General Purpose Pressure Switches, In NEMA-4X Enclosures
  • UL Listed,
  • Ranges from 0.5 inH2O to 3000 psi
  • SPDT or DPDT Switches
  • Adjustment Lock
  • Safe, Easy Wiring Access
PSW14 Series
Electronic Pressure Switch
  • Single Switch with Adjustable Hysteresis
  • Dual Switch with Fixed Hysteresis
  • Easy to Program On/Off Set Points
  • Compact Construction
  • Housing Rotates 320° Degrees
Compact, Vibration Resistant Switches for Class I Hazardous Locations
  • Compact Stainless Steel Construction
  • Belleville Technology for Long Life, Vibration Resistance and Stability
  • Easy Field Setting and Adjustment
  • SPDT Sealed Switches
  • Strain Relief
  • 1.8 m (72") Lead Wires
  • Mounting Bracket For Retrofit Applications

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