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Moisture Measurement in Vapour

We provide a wide range of dewpoint meters and hygrometers for the measurement of trace moisture in gases and dry compressed air, encompassing an overall range from +20ºC to -110ºC dewpoint, ie 23,000 parts per million down to nearly 1 part per billion.
The extensive range of user friendly, microprocessor controlled dewpoint meters, hygrometers and sampling systems have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements and needs expressed by the industry. 

Portable Digital Hygrometer

  • Various Ranges: Overall Range -110ºC to +20ºC Dewpoint
  • Accuracy Guaranteed to ±2ºC Dewpoint
  • Selectable Engineering Units in ºC, ºF, ppb(v), ppm(v),ppm(w), g/m³ & lb/MMSCF
  • Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber for Rapid Measurements
  • Battery Life - 250 Hours of Continuous Operation
  • Self-Diagnostics on Start-up
  • Automatic Switch Off
  • Quick Connect SS Coupling
  • Portable - Fully Self Contained
  • User Friendly - Simple Operation

    Single Channel Analyser

    • User Friendly & Advanced Functionality
    • DISPLAY in °C Dewpoint & °F Dewpoint, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m3 or lbs/MMSCF
    • 22V – 253V AC or DC Operation
    • Linear 4-20mA Retransmission Signal
    • 2 Independent, Fully Programmable Alarm Relays
    • Fast Response
    • Long Term Stability
    • IP66 / NEMA4 Weatherproof Protection
    • Calibration to National & International Standards


    Multichannel Hygrometer

    Each channel offers :-
    • Various Ranges: Overall Range -110ºC to +20ºC Dewpoint
    • Digital Indication in ºC or ºF Dewpoint (Model 400)
    • Switch Selectable ppm(v) range (Model 400ER)
    • RS232, 4-20 mA and 0-100 mV Optically Isolated Re-transmission Signal. Linear with Either Dewpoint or ppm(v)
    • Guaranteed Accuracy ±2ºC Dewpoint
    • Two Fully Adjustable Alarm Relays
    • Automatic Calibration
    • Cable Length up to 1000m Between Analyser and Sensor
    • Fully Interchangeable Sensors
    • Supplied with Calibration Certificate Traceable to National & International Humidity Standard.

    Model AMT - Dewpoint Transmitter

    • 2 Wire Loop Powered Dewpoint Transmitter
    • Overall Range -120°C to +20°C Dewpoint
    • Accuracy ± 2°C Dewpoint
    • Can be Configured for Linear 4-20mA signal in:
      °C & °F Dewpoint, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m3, lb/MMSCF
    • Temperature Compensation
    • Failure Diagnostics
    • Long Term Stability
    • Fast Reponse
    • IP 66 / NEMA4X Protection
    • Supplied with Calibration Certificate Traceable to National & International Humidity Standards

    Intrinsically Safe 4-20mA Transmitter

    • 3 Wire Intrinsically Safe Dewpoint Transmitter
    • Ex II 1GD Ex ia IIC T4 Ex iaD 20 T135°C (-20°C ? Ta ? +60°C)
    • Overall Range: -120°C to +20°C Dewpoint
    • Accuracy ± 2°C Dewpoint
    • Can be configured for Linear 4-20mA signal in: °C & °F Dewpoint, ppm(v), g/m3, lb/MMSCF
    • Temperature Compensation
    • Failure Diagnostics
    • Long Term Stability
    • Fast Response
    • IP66 / NEMA4X Protection

    Moisture in Wood Products

    Digital Moisture Meter

    The affordable Digital Moisture Meter combines proven Wood-Friendly electromagnetic scanning with an easy-to-read LCD screen featuring a full function two-line, 32-character display. A simple menu system guides you step by step through the selecting, storing, and reporting process.

    Even large boards can be scanned from end to end in seconds.... It makes the job of moisture detection easier, more thorough and more accurate.

    The "Wood-Friendly" electromagnetic waves penetrate past the surface into the wood to a depth of 1" and provide an instant reading of the board's moisture content. Even large boards can be scanned from end to end in seconds with the large 2.5" x 2.5" scanning surface.

    • CUSTOMIZE 50 BUILT-IN SPECIES The L610 is factory supplied with 50 common species. These can be customized to allow for changes in regional calibration.
    • COMPARE MOISTURE READINGS Moisture readings can be stored in up to 5 different groups for comparison of average moisture content, standard deviation, and minimum/maximum moisture contents.

    Moisture in Wood Flooring & Wood Working

    Moisture Meter

    For flooring installers or manufacturers, cabinet or furniture manufacturers, inspectors or lumber suppliers, the meter offers a complete and portable moisture meter easy to use and easy to adjust. With its Extended Range Specific Gravity (SG) to measure common softwoods and hardwoods as well as tropical species, the meter can quickly and accurately scan many board feet of incoming lumber or many pieces of wood flooring in just seconds.

    Moisture Meters' IntelliSense™ Technology ensures that the meter is measuring deeply IN the wood for a true moisture picture without damage to the wood surface and without interference from surface moisture. Two-button controls make one-handed operation simple. And like all of the meters at Wagner Meters, there is no need to adjust moisture content (MC) readings for temperature.

    The meter with its Press and Hold feature, lets you get into tight places without needing a visual line to the meter display. Beneath a sink, under a cabinet overhang or in a tight corner, with the Press and Hold Feature you can take the MC reading and the display holds the reading once the meter is removed, letting you quickly and easily document MC readings in all parts of your project.


    Moisture in Concrete

    Concrete Moisture Testing

    The original test design revolutionized the way the floor covering/coating industry looked at conducting the ASTM F2170 relative humidity test method for concrete slabs. The concrete moisture test carries on this tradition of fast, accurate, easy relative humidity moisture testing in concrete slabs.

    Moisture Balance Analyser                                                                                                          

    Moisture Balance

    The moisture balance determines to 0.05 percent moisture, 50-200°C in 5°C increments, 20 Memory ID, built-in RS-232 and standard WinCT software.

    The innovative Heat Chamber houses a 400 Watt Halogen heating lamp producing fast and accurate results aided by its uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) Filter, which serves to radiate heat uniformly, protect the lamp from spatter from the sample under test, and provides a Progress Monitoring Window.

    Moisture Balance

    This moisture balance is extremely popular with wastewater treatment facilities. It utilize electronic digital moisture balances to free wastewater operators from performing gravimetric drying method using a standard oven and balance.  Automated moisture determination instruments enable operates to make their rounds.  Additional applications could be in paper mill industry for black liquor applications.
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