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Gas Analyzers/Kits

Model 920 Smoke Gage Kit
  • Dwyer® Smoke Gage Pump - Fast working the first known unit to conform with ASTM D-2156-XX standards for testing smoke density in flue gases from burning. Distillate fuels. Filter paper clamps instantly into pump inlet.
  • Hole Plugs - Packet of 20 to fill awl holes.
  • Smoke Chart - for easy comparison with samples taken. Laminated plastic. Wipes clean.
  • Awl Pierces smoke pipe for thermometer and sampling tubes. Large, comfortable plastic handles.
  • Smoke Gage Filter Paper - an exclusive, time-saving Dwyer development. Roll of filter paper is contained in dispenser box, kept clean and convenient.
Series LPTK Gas Pressure Test Kit
  • Calibration screw on the back of the gage
  • Simple interface for ease of use
  • For testing LP & natural gas lines and controls.
  • The kit's gage shows if proper pressure is present or if a leak exists.
  • The Series LPTK Gas Pressure Test Kit is available in two different gage ranges, and each gage is 3% full scale accurate with an easy to use calibration screw on the back of the gage.
  • It is easier to use than a manometer, and includes a sturdy case for added durability and safe handling.
Model 1207A Handheld Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer
  • Makes adjusting boilers for optimum efficiency quicker and easier.
  • With the large LCD display, users can monitor four parameters simultaneously and change the parameters shown using the rotary dial selection switch.
  • For extra protection, the analyzer comes standard with a protective boot and magnetic back.
  • In order to track the measurements, the 1207A can store up to 255 time stamped test sets in memory and can output measurements to a serial printer. 
Model 1205B Handheld CO/CO2 Gas Analyzer
  • Accurately measures the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in a duct or space.
  • The Gas Analyzer displays the measurement on a two line digital LCD display with backlight.
  • The unit’s memory stores up to 255 sets of readings that are logged manually or auto-logged with 1 to 10 minute intervals.
  •  Besides measurement recording, Model 1205B can provide a summary of average and maximum levels reached during recording. Results then can be printed via an optional infrared printer.
  • Model 1205B includes batteries, 120V power supply, protective rubber boot with integral magnet, sampling probe, and a canvas carrying case.
Model AQH-20 Handheld Indoor Air Quality Meter
  • Reduces the number of instruments a contractor has to carry by measuring the carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, and humidity percentage in one device.
  • A large backlit LCD display shows all three parameters simultaneously.
  • The Model AQH-20 can display dew point or wet bulb temperatures in place of the ambient temperature.
  • Minimum, maximum, and average readings are easily accessible through the function buttons.
  • By pressing the hold key, the current values are held so that they can be recorded.
  • An audible alarm warns the user that the current ambient conditions are becoming hazardous.
  • The Model AQH-20 includes a hard carrying case and batteries.
Model 450A-1 Digital Pocket Size Carbon Monoxide Meter
  • Measures the ambient concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in the environment and displays the measurement on the two line digital LCD screen.
  • Besides the measurement, the maximum recorded CO value since the last reset is shown.
  • An audible carbon monoxide alarm gives warning of CO levels above 25 ppm.
  • For viewing in poorly lit environments, the built-in backlight brightens the display.
  • Model 450A includes soft carrying case with belt loop, wrist strap, and batteries.
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