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Gas Analyzers/Kits

Gas Analyzers and kits are portable test equipment that analyze gas in exhaust. The gases include smoke, flue gas, carbon monoxide, CO and CO2 gas. Products contain an LCD screen.
Model 920 Smoke
Gage Kit
  • Dwyer® Smoke Gage Pump - Fast working the first known unit to conform with ASTM D-2156-XX standards for testing smoke density in flue gases from burning. Distillate fuels. Filter paper clamps instantly into pump inlet.
  • Hole Plugs - Packet of 20 to fill awl holes.
  • Smoke Chart - for easy comparison with samples taken. Laminated plastic. Wipes clean.
    Series LPTK Gas Pressure
    Test Kit
    • Calibration screw on the back of the gage
    • Simple interface for ease of use
    • For testing LP & natural gas lines and controls.
    • The kit's gage shows if proper pressure is present or if a leak exists.
    • The Series LPTK Gas Pressure Test Kit is available in two different gage ranges, and each gage is 3% full scale accurate with an easy to use calibration screw on the back of the gage.
      Model 450A-1 Digital Pocket
      Size Carbon Monoxide Meter
      • Measures the ambient concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in the environment and displays the measurement on the two line digital LCD screen.
      • Besides the measurement, the maximum recorded CO value since the last reset is shown.
      • An audible carbon monoxide alarm gives warning of CO levels above 25 ppm.
      • For viewing in poorly lit environments, the built-in backlight brightens the display.

      Model 1205B Handheld CO/CO2
      Gas Analyzer
      • Accurately measures the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in a duct or space.
      • The Gas Analyzer displays the measurement on a two line digital LCD display with backlight.
      • The unit’s memory stores up to 255 sets of readings that are logged manually or auto-logged with 1 to 10 minute intervals.
      •  Besides measurement recording, Model 1205B can provide a summary of average and maximum levels reached during recording. Results then can be printed via an optional infrared printer.
      Model AQH-20 Handheld Indoor
      Air Quality Meter
      • Reduces the number of instruments a contractor has to carry by measuring the carbon dioxide concentration, air temperature, and humidity percentage in one device.
      • A large backlit LCD display shows all three parameters simultaneously.
      • The Model AQH-20 can display dew point or wet bulb temperatures in place of the ambient temperature.
      • Minimum, maximum, and average readings are easily accessible through the function buttons.
      • By pressing the hold key, the current values are held so that they can be recorded.
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