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Curb & Valve Box Products

Valve Box Risers
  • ALL sizes of TRUMBULL VALVE BOX RISERS accept standard 5-1/4″ lids; no need to purchase special 1″ riser lids.
  • All six sizes of Trumbull Risers (1″ through 6″) fit into the top sections of Tyler, Bingham & Taylor, Opelika, Foundry, Central Foundry and many other manufacturers’ valve boxes, and accept most of their lids as well.
Rite-Hite Adapters
  • The “RITE-HITE” adapters provide a method for adjusting valve boxes to pavement level
Valve Box Lids
  • Our Valve Box Lids are made for 5-1/4″ shaft Buffalo style valve boxes, Trumbull Risers, “RITE-HITE” adapters and Housing Adapters for Trumbull Valve Position Indicators.
  • Long skirt helps keep the lid from popping out of the valve box.
Valve Box Alignment Device
  • Eliminates shifting of Valve Box during backfill.
  • Designed for use on all AWWA resilient wedge gate valves.
  • Used with 5-1/4″ 2-piece valve boxes.
  • Avoids costly excavations when valve box shifts, preventing valve key from engaging the 2″ square nut.
Curb Box Repair Lids
  • Repair Lids should be ordered based on the style of curb box that you are using (inside or outside style).
  • Please note that old (outside style) curb boxes are still in production.
  • To install, insert the two jaws into the shaft and tighten the screw.
  • The jaws expand to bear against the inside of the curb box.
  • Designed to fit most makes of curb boxes, both old and new.
  • Outside Repair Lids also work on most makes of inside style Curb Boxes; however, inside Repair Lids only work on inside style Curb Boxes.

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